Essential Shields: Comprehensive Guide to Top 9 Common Add-Ons and Optional Coverage

Hey there, fellow road adventurers! As you navigate the bustling streets of Malaysia, it’s essential to have your trusty insurance by your side. But what about those extra layers of protection that can turn your policy from basic to brilliant? That’s where add-ons and optional coverage swoop in to save the day! Before we dive deep in, let’s learn about the difference between comprehensive coverage and enhanced protection.

The Basics: What Are Add-Ons and Optional Coverage?

1. Comprehensive Coverage:

The standard motor insurance in Malaysia covers third-party liabilities such as bodily injury or property damage. However, add-ons extend this coverage to include own damage protection, safeguarding your vehicle against accidents, theft, or natural disasters.

2. Enhanced Protection:

Optional coverage offers additional benefits like windscreen protection, personal accident coverage, and increased liability limits, providing a more comprehensive shield against potential risks.

So, think of your motor insurance as a safety blanket—it covers the essentials, like third-party liabilities. But these add-ons? They’re like the superhero capes, offering additional shields against unexpected mishaps on the road.

A Closer Look with Examples:

Imagine this: You’ve got your beloved Perodua Myvi and the standard insurance premium sets you back around RM 1,200 a year. Now, let’s jazz it up with an add-on—let’s say flood coverage for an extra RM 80 a year.

Basic Premium + Add-On = Total Premium

RM 1,200 + RM 80 = RM 1,280 per year

But wait, there’s more to these add-ons than just the numbers. Let’s zoom into some options.

9 Common Add-Ons and Optional Coverage:

1. Windscreen Protection:

We’ve all been there—a tiny pebble turns into a spiderweb crack on your windscreen. Windscreen protection swoops in to save the day, covering repairs or replacements without denting your wallet or your no-claim bonus.

2. Personal Accident Coverage:

Life’s unpredictable, right? Personal accident coverage has your back, offering financial support for medical expenses, hospitalization and compensations in accidents.

3. Special Perils Coverage:

This coverage goes beyond the usual accidents and liabilities. It safeguards your vehicle against additional risks such as natural disasters (floods, earthquakes), civil commotions, riots, strikes, and other unforeseen events that may cause damage to your car. With Malaysia’s weather surprises, floods can catch you off guard. Opting for flood coverage ensures your wheels stay afloat and well-protected during unexpected inundations.

4. Additional Driver Coverage:

Sharing your wheels? No worries! This selection allows multiple drivers to be covered under the insurance policy, ensuring everyone sharing the ride is protected.

5. Coverage for Accessories and Modifications:

Did you jazz up your car with cool accessories or modifications? This add-on protects your added enhancements in case of damage or theft with this coverage.

6. Legal Liability to Passengers (LLP):

Your passengers’ safety matters too! LLP covers legal liabilities arising from injury or death to passengers in your vehicle, keeping everyone protected and worry-free.

7. Roadside Assistance:

Breakdowns happen—no sweat! Roadside assistance service offers a helping hand with towing, battery jump-starts, and more, ensuring you’re back on the road in no time.

8. Loss of Use Coverage:

Car in the shop? No problem! This coverage takes care of alternative transportation costs while your vehicle is undergoing repairs due to a covered claim.

9. e-Hailing Insurance

Specifically designed to cover drivers transporting passengers for hire, this insurance provides the protection you need when you’re on the road, ferrying passengers from point A to B. Not only does it meet legal requirements, but it also shields you and your passengers in case of unexpected twists on the journey.


So, there you have it—the world of add-ons and optional coverage in Malaysian motor insurance isn’t just about topping up your policy. It’s about crafting a shield that fits your car’s unique journey. As you weigh the options, think about the added security and peace of mind they bring.

So, whether you’re cruising through KL’s traffic jams or exploring the scenic routes of Langkawi, ensure your ride is decked out with the right optional coverage. After all, a well-protected car makes for a smoother and safer adventure on Malaysia’s roads!

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