MyJPJ’s Latest Feature: Sharing Digital Road Tax (Step-by-Step Guide)

The MyJPJ app is on the verge of introducing a groundbreaking feature that will transform how Malaysians handle their road tax. This new update, “Kongsi LKM,” allows users to easily grant temporary access to their vehicle’s road tax digitally. Let’s uncover the details of this exciting enhancement and how to utilize it effortlessly.

Empowering Users with “Kongsi LKM”

Transport Minister Anthony Loke has announced a game-changing feature on the MyJPJ app. This feature empowers users to digitally share their road tax, granting short-term access to others who intend to drive their vehicles, provided they’ve chosen the “e-LKM” feature instead of the traditional road tax sticker.

Simple Steps to Share Your Digital Road Tax

Sharing your digital road tax via “Kongsi LKM” on the MyJPJ app is straightforward. Here are the simple steps for vehicle’s owner:

  1. Access the Feature: Open the MyJPJ app and click ‘Profil’ (the section that displays your vehicle details or license plate number).
  2. Select Your Vehicle: Click ‘Lesen Kenderaan Motor’ and select ‘No. Pendaftaran Kenderaan’ to look for the “Kongsi LKM” function within the app.
  3. Access “Kongsi LKM”: Click ‘Kongsi LKM’.
  4. Initiate Sharing: Once you’re in the sharing options, click ‘+’ to share access to the new recipient.
  5. Set Sharing Details: Enter the necessary details, such as the recipient’s information and the duration you want to share your digital road tax.
  6. Activate Sharing: The app will generate an activation code. Share this code with the intended recipient. They will need it to activate and use the shared digital road tax.
  7. Verify Activation: Ensure that the recipient activates the shared road tax using the provided code within 24 hours. Otherwise, the system will automatically delete the sharing record for security purposes.
steps to share e-LKM

For non vehicle’s owner:

  1. Access the Feature: Open the MyJPJ app and click ‘Profil’.
  2. Select the Vehicle: Click ‘Jana Semula’ then select the vehicle number.
  3. Verify Activation: Enter the verification code given by the vehicle’s owner.
  4. Sharing Successfully: After completing these steps accurately, the system will display the sharing status to confirm success.
steps to receive e-LKM

By following these steps, you can easily share your digital road tax with family members, friends, or anyone authorized to use your vehicle for a specific duration through the “Kongsi LKM” feature on the MyJPJ app.

Addressing Car-Borrowing Concerns

Minister Loke has emphasized that this feature aims to resolve issues faced by those borrowing cars. Previously, printing digital road tax came with complications. “Kongsi LKM” simplifies this process, allowing for seamless temporary access while ensuring control and security.

More Exciting Updates on MyJPJ

Apart from this groundbreaking feature, MyJPJ has lined up more enhancements:

  • Renewals Made Easy: Starting February 1st, 2024, Malaysian drivers can conveniently renew their digital road tax and driving licenses via the app, bypassing the queues at JPJ counters.
renewal e-lmm
renewal e-lkm
  • RM5 Rebate for Digital Renewals: To encourage digitalization, the Ministry is offering a limited-time RM5 rebate for online renewals, motivating users to embrace digital services.
  • Transitioning to Security Papers: The Ministry plans to introduce security papers, replacing vehicle license stickers and physical driving licenses, marking a step towards a more secure and modern system.

Embrace the Digital Evolution

As Malaysia progresses towards a digital future, MyJPJ’s innovative features streamline processes, bolster security, and provide convenience for drivers. By familiarizing yourself with the MyJPJ app and its latest functionalities, you can effortlessly navigate through these advancements.

The inclusion of “Kongsi LKM” and upcoming updates reflects the commitment to provide efficient and secure services, revolutionizing the driving experience in Malaysia. Embrace this evolution; welcome the ease and security offered by MyJPJ’s digital platform. Get ready to share your road tax digitally and renew your documents hassle-free starting February 1st, 2024!

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